Permanent Soft Vinyl

Atwholesale2u now do vinyl printing inhouse. We can personalise any product and in any colour with quick turnaround time. No minimum orders and can either personal for a one off items or produce branding for a range of products. Feel free to buy from our exstensive range of products or supply your own products for personalisation.

personalise your purchase! Add a personalised message, name or a date of birth on most of our products.*  

Soft vinyl press is a permanent print available in the following bright colours;

  • Red, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Navy, Yellow, Black, Red, Hot Pink, Teal, Gold, Silver, Grey, Apple and more
  • Gliter (Red, Black, Pink, Green, purple)

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All ideas are possible!  

Basketball Singlets, T-Shirts, Sports Bags, Kids Blankets, Dog Blankets


Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing is also a fantastic way for branding. No setup costs and no minimum orders needed. Perfect for small businesses who just need a few items.

  • Vinyl is safe,
  • Vinyl is permanent,
  • Vinyl looks great -bright and clear,
  • Vinyl is cost effective -no setup fees



How does Vinyl Printing Work 

Vinyl can be cut to the detail of the print. For more detailed print we currently outsource and then heat press in house. Other option available is sublimation.


Common Questions
1. What is textile vinyl used for?
Textile vinyl is primarily for lettering, numbering or decorating apparel, sporting goods and merchandise.
It can also be used for soft signage.

2. How is it similar to regular vinyl?
Textiles such as polyester can match vinyl for outdoor durability in extreme weather, unlike PVC that can snap in cold weather and stretch in hot temperatures.

3. Is photo printing an option with flex vinyl?
Photos and colour gradients are not possible with Flex, Effect and flock vinyl.

4. Can textile flex be overlaid?
Yes. It gives excellent performance when used in multi-layer applications.

5. What can I do with textile vinyl apart from apparel?
Digital textile printing opens new markets such as interior furnishings and apparel using both direct and sublimation printing. Just needs to be able to go flat in a heat press.

6. How durable is textile vinyl?
Textile vinyl is incredibly thin and durable, with the ability to be ironed directly over, hot washed and tumble dried.

7. What are the uses for vinyl?
Vinyl can be used for signage, window graphics, shopfitting, vehicle decoration, etc, while heat transfer vinyl can be employed for printing t-shirts and apparel.

8. How is vinyl cut into shape?
A vinyl cutter is required for this process. Any design that needs to be cut can be put through your computer to the vinyl cutter.

9. How does heat transfer vinyl work?
Heat transfer vinyl has an adhesive backing that responds to heat supplied to the face.

10. Can heat transfer vinyl be applied to natural fibres like cotton?
Heat transfer vinyl is the right solution for natural fibres which do not readily take to sublimation printing.

11. What size printing can you do?

Atwholesale2u can print and heat press both A4 and A3 designs.


*please check with us what products can be personalised.